In 2017 and 2021, the rise of ICO, IDO, IEO and IGO has shifted the fund raising situation in cryptocurrency forever. Until now there are approximately 10k projects with different sizes but about 50% of those after ICO are reported as dead.

It does not matter whether it is the ICO or IXO fever or the hype of new DeFi, GameFi projects. There is one thing that has never changed is that the cryptocurrency industry has never been friendly with newcomers.

The extensive use of social media like Twitter, Telegram and Discord has caused difficulties for the cryptocurrency community to focus on one platform. This separation has led to huge time and financial cost, resulting in the division of the community.

After this discovery, NextVerse positioned itself as the first cryptocurrency-focused social media platform. By focusing on the community’s interest, NextVerse can form a community base including mostly cryptocurrency enthusiasts, gamers and individuals that enjoy socializing role-playing on Metaverse digital platforms.

In NextVerse, the community consists mainly of GenZ and crypto enthusiasts, which fuels a crypto-driven network effect. When network effects grow stronger, the communities would use NextVerse to maintain connections without using other platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Telegram while playing games, entertaining and investing.

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