NextVerse SocialFi

Working in progress, we will provide more details later on.

SocialFi is a combination of Social networking and Finance on the blockchain platform. We can consider SocialFi as a new "variant" of DeFi, aiming for decentralization, openness, and user empowerment.

Social networks version 2.0 such as Facebook or Twitter, etc. are currently dominating the market by providing free services to users, then they collect the user's information and make a profit on it, for example, by serving ads. The appearance of SocialFi will upgrade those traditional social networks to the Web 3.0 platform. At this time, power instead of concentrating on an intermediary company will be placed in the hands of users. They have the power to decide the survival of that model, whether it is possible to monetize their data.

In NextVerse, a diversified NFT marketplace will allow creators and players to fully decorate space with beautiful scenes and architecture like a wonderland, medieval town, or even a future space station. These types of experiences can attract a community of in-game friends to join activities that incorporate social and game elements.

Each user can easily become a trendsetter in the NextVerse community by coordinating unique outfits, sharing the trend with a wide range of friends, and earning their compliments. They can even tag products on their posts so other users can shop for similar products on the marketplace and imitate the style.

Besides that, social-fi elements in NextVere currently are also reflected in several ways for users to create value. Typically creating content and waiting for rewards from followers. Another model could be Write-to-Earn (similar to the Play-to-Earn concept) meaning writers can earn rewards through writing. This requires high algorithmic mechanisms and ways for users to easily access it.

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