Participate to Earn

NextVerse was built with the vision to be an unlimited open world and a profitable investment space for all users. Accordingly, the activities that users will perform in NextVerse not only encapsulate them in entertainment needs but also thanks to which users can earn profits. Simply put, the system will pay you to take part in activities in the NextVerse virtual world.

Play to Earn

The concept of "making money from games" is not too new so far. For a long time ago, some professional gamers could still make money from plowing, selling equipment, selling items, hunting for prizes, etc from the games. But now, with a unique combination of NFT, Blockchain, and traditional games in NextVerse, players have experienced a new Play-to-Earn concept.

The NextVerse game system allows players to enjoy and share playable experiences and they can also play-to-earn by collecting resources, rewards, and tokens depending on the game results. Millions of users from anywhere can enjoy the joy of growing crypto investment returns with high security and ease of use.

The gaming experience in the NextVerse platform will be launched through several models like mini-games in theme land, featuring games outside the lands, with increasingly more complex features in each model.

The gameplays in NextVerse are expected to reach a wide audience because of their simplicity and diversity, including:

Shooter Games (FPS): As the name suggests, players participating in the game will shoot from a first-person perspective or the eyes of the character they are controlling. Accordingly, you will not see your whole body and only see your hand or gun. In the shooting gameplay, the player is forced to shoot down moving or stationary targets to get the highest score and the corresponding rewards.

Simulation and Sports Games: The sports game genre often attracts a lot of players who are also sports lovers with many subjects such as football, racing, basketball, etc. with a simple way of playing, almost simulating how the competition of actual sports.

MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) Games: The game genre allows players to join a certain area, usually an arena or centralized playground, and compete against other players who are also present in the arena at the same time.

Online Casinos Games: A virtual casino can simply offer a wider selection of games than a single game. The advantages of playing online casino games are obvious and there are no physical space restrictions. Being able to play with dealers and other players online has boosted the popularity of online casinos even more, especially with the help of VR/AR technology, the online gambling experience will become much more real and desirable.

Party Games: Players in party games can expect to play themed games, for example, camping, wedding, idol concerts, and so on, or traditional board games with a specific set of rules. Party games often include multiplayer elements.

Entertainment Games (Casual, Puzzle): The last game series in the list of popular game genres with a large number of players thanks to its simple gameplay is an entertaining game. Players just need to be quick hands, quick eyes, and quick to solve puzzles or perform simple operations such as running, jumping, and overcoming obstacles. The Play-to-earn concept is an enormous improvement in gaming and a long-term trend with massive potential​​. Thanks to the integration of blockchain and crypto into gameplay, players are allowed to use NFT as leverage for play to earn and have true ownership of their items, without being limited to an individual platform.

Create to Earn

As developers, we can finally reward players for the time and effort they put into creating content, items, and much more in the NextVerse world. NextVerse's create-to-earn offers players the opportunity to create in-game assets from the start, mint them into NFTs, and sell them on secondary markets. This mechanic opens up a new value for NFTs in the game. Instead of mining random NFTs or pure luck, players provide inputs to generate these NFTs and create their unique constructions. As gaming becomes more creator-oriented, designers can easily develop gaming experiences for all players. In addition, it is possible to provide the right ecosystem for the real ownership of in-game assets and novel ways of monetizing the community. Moreover, these game projects will be truly decentralized and managed by the community, the designs can be voted on and the artwork that has the highest number of votes from the community in the end will be approved as the final design. And every time someone mines NFT, the creators earn royalties for each transaction. This monetization model will change the reality, players will not simply play the game but will contribute to its creation in the first place. This will open up unexplored niches in monetizing creative knowledge and skills. Creators Fund (8% in a total token pool): At the first stage of the ecosystem, we will have a rewards program with a large number of NVER tokens to incentivize creators to fill the marketplace with amazing creations. Other types of Participate to Earn Move to Earn Workout, Walk or Run to earn tokens Watch to Earn Watch advertising videos and earn NVER tokens Engage to Earn Like, comment on videos on the app and earn tokens Trade to Earn Buy and sell NFT for speculation on the marketplace

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