NextVerse World

NextVerse is built and composed of many theme lands, of which the central land is Next City. The theme land in NextVerse is expected to be the detonator of the "all in one" entertainment and experience trend, a "destination for all needs" of users on the Metaverse. There are two main forms of theme land in Next Verse, which are:

  • Coop Theme Land: The theme lands are a combination of NextVerse and strategic partners. The purpose of these Coop-themed lands is to create resonance to promote the names of both parties and to enrich the number of NFT items on NextVerse’s marketplace. This is also NextVerse's effort to team up with traditional brands to help them create their virtual world and officially leap into the metaverse.

  • NextVerse Theme Land: The theme lands are built and conceptualized by the NextVerse Development Team. In the early stage, NextVerse focuses on some of the most popular topics in the world such as music, sports, entertainment, and travel for inspiration to build lands. The NextVerse theme lands allow users to have immersive experiences that cannot be found anywhere, putting them at the center of each story.

Not only satisfy user's entertainment needs, but the theme lands also have a strong impact on the development of the entire metaverse in NextVerse in particular and the economy in NextVerse in general, as well as creating a content creation area for users.


As the center of the NextVerse world, Next City is designed to be a combination of nature with people, history, and the present, of unprecedented miracles with NextVerse style, making it an enduring citizen attraction. In this place, our users NextVersians will immediately be drawn to outdoor activities and explore the biodiversity of NextCity beaches, splash on the big ancient coins in the grasslands, and enjoy the thrill from the top of the majestic mountain range overlooking the sea.

More than 50% of the works built in Next City will serve the common activities of the entire NextVerse community. The most prominent is the central square, which is considered the heart of Next City.

Located on the heart peninsula of Next City, the central square is where the Next Verse logo is placed, as well as the stage where the main activities and events of Next City are gathered (e.g. countdown party, virtual concert, opening ceremony, etc.). The central square has 3 large screens so users can update outstanding events and information taking place in the NextVerse world, including AR/VR technology experiences right here.

Not ending here, Next City is also a bridge among other theme lands. Users can access other lands via the portals located in Next City. In other words, the traffic of users moving through Next City can be considered the greatest of all lands. Immersive in NextVerse lands, users will have the potential to discover new things, meet new people, and have new experiences they have never seen before.

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