1. To start using NextVerse, first you need to create your own avatar. For that, the application will require access to your camera so you can take selfies.

  2. This is because the application creates the avatar based on your appearance, which makes it unlike any other - just like your fingerprints! This is a fascinating feature that many adolescents especially enjoy.

  3. In the end, we are living in the era of selfies and it is amazing to witness how smartphones turn your face into a 3D animation version.

  4. In fact, your avatar resembling you means that you are able to connect with the character better and it is exciting to see how your friends’ avatar would look like.

  5. Non-Player Character (NPC) is basically virtual assistance - robots that are responsible for instructing and supporting users when starting and doing quests in NextVerse. NPC are placed in main places in the cities, teleport points or in new maps. Users can learn about activities in the city through the Q&A system of NPC. If the question is not listed, users can also submit their question through NPC at the library to help complete the NextVerse system.

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