Virtual Goods

In the future, items at NextVerse may also represent real-life items.
In-game Items
In-game items, also known as Genesis items, are available items created by the NextVerse system. In-game items include basic clothing, accessories, art/music/art collections & products, pets, and available resources. The values of these items are determined by NextVerse and first traded in NVER.
Creations include items created by the user through the VerseStudio engine, or created by the user for a certain amount of gas. The values of these items are set by the user and can be traded in NVER currency. Example: Basic clothing set is an in-game item that is given out for free to each player. However, after using Studio to customize the clothes set, it becomes a creative product and is valued by the user.
Virtual goods
Virtual goods can be sold in shops and galleries. In addition to paying taxes to the platform and the city, the operating income of players also needs to pay rent or share to the virtual estate owner. However, if the store is operated well, the number of active people and the transaction amount are high, not only can it obtain urban incentives, but the land where the store is located can also have more airspace or underground development rights.